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Egyptologist Lutfi Sherif led an AWR-visit to the land of Goshen in March 2003 and knows the discussion of archeologists on the Exodus quite well. Excavations in the Eastern Delta have become politically sensitive. This article mentions that the claim that the tomb of Alexander the Great was found...
The writer presents an overview of a French book by historian Guy Rachet. The book is titled "La Bible mythe et realites: La Bible et I´histoire d´Israel" [The Holy Bible, myths and realities: The Holy Bible and the history of Israel]. It discusses the relations between Egypt and the...
The article sheds light on the history of Pharaoh Ramsis II claiming that he was not the pharaoh in the time of Moses and that the Jews did not built his city as they claim
The author states that Menachem Begin claimed that his ancestors had helped build the Pyramids but that this is untrue.
An Egyptian family discovered that it has inheritance in the occupied Palestinian lands. This inheritance includes some of the Aqsa mosque courts and parts of the Wailing Wall.


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