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The book of Yacqoub Nakhla “Tārīkh al-Umma al-Qiptīya” [History of The Coptic Nation] is a Coptic testimony dedicated to those who sold themselves to the Zionists and the Americans, to those who speak about liberating Egypt from Arabism and Islam.
The Saint Mark Foundation for Historical Studies published a new edition of Yacoub Nakhla Rofela’s "History of the Coptic Nation." It tells the history of the Copts since Christianity entered Egypt up until modern times.
The book "The History of Copts in Egypt," which was written in 1898, has been epublished by the Mar Marcos Institute for Coptic History Studies. The book is considered an important reference for those studying Coptic history. It shows the history of Copts during the reign of the Romans and the...
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