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The monastery of ‘St Dimiyyāna’ in Bilqās center is considered one of the most important Coptic monuments in the Daqahliya governorate. The monastery is located in the northern Delta region, an area full of ancient monasteries and churches scattered across the region. The monastery welcomes...
In light of the restrictions preventing gatherings, the spread of the Coronavirus has resulted in the cancellation of religious celebrations and festivals [mawlid], including seven major Islamic ones and nine well-known Christian ones.
Today the Coptic celebrations of St. Dimyana started in Bilqās, Dakahlia. 
Thousands of Copts and Muslims have flocked to the Damīāna village in Daqahliyya on Wednesday to celebrate the St. Damīāna feast, which is held on May 12 to 30 every year.
 Thousands of Muslims and Christians participate in the festival of St. George in Dakahlia governorate.  
This article speaks about the recent celebrations of Saint Dimyanah's birth, and the guests who attended the event in Dananya
The author reports on the significant Muslim and Coptic presence at the celebration of Saint Dimyānah. Prominent public and social fugues are participating in the celebration that will last until the 21st of June.
A description of a visit to the Convent of St. Dimyānah on the Occasion of the festival of Saint Dimyānah whereby Metropolitan Bīshūy provided the delegation with a detailed explanation of Coptic traditions related to the convent. Dr. Picard noted differences between the way Metropolitan Bīshūy and...
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