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As per the article, the preliminary investigations have shown that Mahmūd Ghuzlān, the Muslim Brotherhood leader, is the main perpetrator of this attack. This is in order to hinder the police men from storming the houses of the Muslim Brotherhood members in Kirdāsah (Amīrah Ibrāhīm and Ahmad...
Fu’ād ‘Alām talks about the relations between security services and the Muslim Brotherhood. He denies the torture to death of Kamāl al- Sinānīrī and blames the leadership of the Brotherhood for concocting a fake crisis about his file out of self-protection.
The article discusses accusations made by Muslim Brotherhood First Deputy Murshid, Dr. Muhammad Habīb, against the security authorities of killing member Kamāl al-Sanānīrī. The interior ministry stated that he committed suicide inside his prison cell.
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