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Residents of al-Khusūs have confirmed that the majority of the Muslims arrested have no connection to the event and were arrested unjustly after security forces stormed their homes and threatened the families with weapons. Maj. Gen. Mahmūd Yusrī, Director of al-Qalyubia Security Department, denied...
27-28 April, the dates of the first round of the elections, coincide with the beginning of the Holy Week and Palm Sunday, while the runoffs scheduled for 4-5 May clash with Holy Saturday and Easter, said Bishop Rafiq Gereish, the head of the Catholic Church’s media office.  “Didn’t the president...
  This year's Coptic Christmas holiday comes exactly one year after a shooting outside a church in Naj‘ Hammādī and less than a week since a tragic church bombing left 23 dead in Alexandria. In light of these threats, AWR's Jayson Casper tells the story of how Coptic Christians celebrated the...
The article discusses the relationship between Jamāl Mubārak and the Coptic Orthodox Church.  
Al-Wafd interviews Sāmih ‘Āshūr, former head of the Lawyers’ Syndicate and vice-president of the Arab Democratic Nasserist Party and the lawyer for the victims of Naj‘ Hammādī, who talks about sectarian fitnah.
The minister of manpower and immigration announced last week that the private sector should grant its workers holiday and paid leave on Coptic Christmas.
Copts are calling for Easter to be made a state holiday in Egypt and the chairman of the Coptic Assembly has demanded that expatriate Copts be included in the electoral register.
The author discusses the problem of Coptic feasts clashing with the dates of academic examinations.
The article discusses the heated issue of Coptic feasts, and if Copts are entitled to paid leave to honor these celebrations.
The article discusses the annual Coptic Youth Conference, and the new addition to the agenda that will be discussed, namely the political participation of the youth.


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