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The Sohag [Sūhāj] Family Court has ruled that the husband’s conversion to Islam is not sufficient cause to grant his Christian wife a divorce, refusing to apply the official statute of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The Administrative Court ruled on Saturday against accepting the lawsuit of lawyer Samīr Ṣabrī, which demanded the prohibition of the niqāb in public, private and international schools. 
The Supreme Administrative Court delivered a final ruling that prohibits an ʾimām from delivering the sermon (Khuṭba) from the pulpits (al-Minbar) or delivering fatwās on social media, because of his extremism that goes against moderate teachings of Islam. 
The State Security Prosecution decided to renew the pretrial detention of YouTuber Ahmed Spea [Aḥmad Sibīʿ] for 45 days pending investigations in the case No. 1111 of 2020, on charges of contempt of Christian religion, inciting to sedition and disturbing public opinion.
On December 28, the Administrative Court of Alexandria issued a court decision rejecting a lawsuit that required the authorities to allocate land for cemeteries to non-adherents of the three religions, and to citizens of the Baha’i faith [Bahāʾī] whose religious domain on their official papers is...
ʿAlāʾ Mubārak, son of former president Ḥusnī Mubārak, responded to MP Muṣṭafā Bakrī’s statement in which he stated that it was the former president who issued the decision to concede the islands Tīrān and Ṣanāfīr, saying, “Mr. Muṣṭafā Bakrī… stop distorting and falsifying history.”
His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church, denied that the Church had handed over the two monks accused of killing the head of the St. Macarius Monastery [Dayr Abū Maqār], bishop Epiphanius [Ipīphāniyyūs], as a scapegoat for their execution.
The North Cairo Criminal Court punished Michael Fahmī in the case of indecent assault on six girls, with life imprisonment, and acquitted his wife Sally of the charge. Fahmī deceived and lured the girls to his residence and his private clinic to forcibly assault them sexually by deluding them that...
The Alexandria Criminal Court has sentenced the defendants, Nāṣir and ʿAlī al- Sāmbū, to 25 years in prison for killing Coptic citizen Ramsīs Hirmīnā and injuring two others.
on Tuesday, the trial of Patrick George Zaki [Patrick George Zakī], a researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), started before the Mansoura II State Security Misdemeanors (Emergency) Court. He was indicted on several charges, including spreading false information inside...


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