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Māya Mursī, the President of the National Council for Women (NCW), expressed her happiness at seeing the first photo of Egyptian female judges at the Public Prosecution.
Counselor Yūsuf Ṭalʿat, legal representative of the Evangelical Church, revealed the details of the meeting of the heads of the Egyptian churches at the papal headquarters at the Cathedral of St. Mark's in ʿAbbāsiyya.
Judicial sources within the Ministry of Justice have revealed that Minister of Justice Ahmad Mikkī will go to the presidential office with an initiative to solve the crisis which has come as a result of clashes between supporters and opponents of President Mursī. 
Counselor Ahmad Mikkī, the minister of justice, said President Muhammad Mursī’s decision to abolish the complementary constitutional declaration was based on the popular legitimacy he acquired through his election as president of the republic.
“Divorce is granted only in the case of adultery”—This is the solution the Coptic Constitution offers those who are affected by personal status crises and seek separation and divorce.  The late Pope Shinūda III issued a regulation in 2008 that expanded the reasons for divorce to two: adultery...
Tension built up between Cairo and Washington after some U.S. activists and officials in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were referred to trial in Egypt as the Egyptian military delegation abruptly ended a visit to the U.S. is scheduled to return to Cairo today (Feb. 8).
The National Council for Women (NCW) praised the government's decision to amend some provisions of Law No. 77 of 1943 on inheritances, which criminalizes the willful act of denial of inheritance or its proceeds, as well as a penalty of 6-months imprisonment and a fine of 20,000-100,000 EGP.
An informed judicial source said on Sunday that an inventory committee affiliated to Egypt's Ministry of Justice had frozen the assets of former president Muhammad Morsi and over Muslim Brotherhood prominent figures. 
During a televised interviewed hosted by media presenter Wā'el al-Ibrāshi, Egypt's minister of Justice, Al-Zend harshly attacked HRW, accusing the human rights organization for being selective and biased towards certain rights over others, adding that it [HWR] has a record of lies and erroneous...


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