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Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdel-Aziz called upon Muslims and Christians in Russia to keep the unity of their society and combat any force that tries to create division between the two religions.
The article discusses the roots of the concept of holy war in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
The author comments on the attempts of the US to intervene in the domestic affairs of Egypt through Copts.
The article sheds light on some underground religious groups in the US.
The author discusses the issue of the conflict between civilizations, stating that religions, especially Christianity and Islam, are forced into it as a main element. She uses four arguments to refute the proposition of religions being part of the conflict.
US police in the state of North Carolina arrested Erick Rudolf. Rudolf is a Christian extremist accused of bombing two abortion clinics, a nightclub for homosexuals and the bombing in Atlanta during the Olympics of 1996. What Rudolf did is an expression of religious extremist movements beginning to...
The article is an overview of an article published in the Time magazine about Christianity and faith in Europe under the title: ‘Has God died in the hearts of people?”
The author believes that the US contradicts itself as it launches wars and pressures other countries to apply its concepts of democracy, human rights and religious tolerance while it violates all these concepts. He gives overviews of articles in American papers to support his argument.
The article is a review of a book by German theologian Hans Kung. The book is titled “Christianity and the Religions of the World.” Kung discusses the possibility of establishing dialogue between the main religions of the world.
Christian leaders in the US hosted a conference the day before yesterday in which they criticized the anti-Islam statements of some pastors, such as, Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. They believe that such statements lead to more hostility and stress the importance of renewing...


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