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During a lengthy interview, Pope Shenouda discusses Coptic identity and history, the Palestinian question, the churches support of President Mubārak in the upcoming elections, the issue of national unity in Egypt and much more.
According to the current Personal Status law, divorce is allowed if either spouse changes his / her denomination. Many couples who choose to separate use this exception to the ban on divorce as a way out of marriage.
cUrfi [informal] marriages have recently been increasing among young Muslims. They are now also occurring among Christians of different ages and social classes.
Court rulings annulling marriage contracts are on the rise and the author blames sexual impotence.
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark has repeatedly made it clear that Christianity’s stance on divorce is unchangeable.
In an interview with Ākhir Sā‘a, the head of the Clerical Council, Bishop Bula, acknowledges the existence of a number of problems faced by Copts in Egypt. He slams the law of 1938 and said it runs contradictory to the teachings of the Holy Bible.
According to Orthodox doctrine, marriage is a holy connection, not only between the couple, but also between the two families: for example, the husband’s brothers and sisters become his wife’s brothers and sisters, and vice versa. As a result, the church can not accept the marriage of a widow to...
Rejecting the blame usually assigned to the Coptic Orthodox Church for its unjustifiable strictness concerning divorce, Anba Bulā stated that no one possesses the right or ability to change Biblical texts and commands; Christ set solid principles that bespeak equality between men and women in this...
This case unveils the scandalous practices of some Coptic clergy who exploit their positions and join divorced Copts in marriages that go against Christian law.
The Coptic Orthodox Church expressed its displeasure with the Personal Status Law of 1955 pertaining to the application of Islamic sharīca on Coptic marriages in case either spouse change his/her denomination or converted to Islam.


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