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Egyptian activist, Isrāʾ ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ, received a Courage Tribute Award from the World Movement for Democracy for her efforts in defending media rights, freedoms, and democracy in Egypt. The award organizers are calling to drop all charges against her in cases numbering 488 and 855.
This paper begins by reviewing Egypt’s post-2011 transition prior to 2013, which includes briefs on the 2011-2012 parliamentary elections, the 2012 presidential elections, and unrest and sectarian violence during the period between Ḥusnī Mubārak’s overthrow and the summer of 2013.
In Tantā, on December 27, 2012, an Islamist attacked a Christian woman and beat her with a stick on her back, calling her an “infidel” for not wearing a hijāb and wearing makeup.  The victim’s name is Marsa. After Marsa finished her work in the University’s Hospital, a bearded man wearing a white...
Amid dense security measures of police and armed forces, al-Gharbia Governorate witnessed a large turnout in several of it cities, whereas the number of voters in the village was not as large. It was reported that judges who were due to supervise the voting arrived late. Noteworthy is the large...
The Coptic Orthodox Church prohibited the five candidates for papal chair of Saint Mark in succession of Pope Shenouda III, who passed away on March 17, 2012, from appearing on satellite channels before the election of the 118th pope.
Bishop Bula of Tantā and Chairman of the Clerical Council, said the Orthodox Church and General Bishop David of the United States are working out arrangements for an expected visit by President Mursī to New York on Wednesday (September 26).
A Copt in Sohag has given an example of national unity.
The head of the Central Press Administration for the Central and East Delta of Tanta, Fatima al-Dimardāsh inaugurated a new campaign under the motto “Egypt Confronts Terrorism.” The campaign will last for a month and consists of informational sessions attempting to change popular opinion and raise...
A disciplinary committee has sent counselors Ahmad Yahia Isma’īl, head of Cairo Criminal Court, Ayman al Wardanī, the Public Attorney for Tanta courts, to early retirement for their participation in the Rab’ah and  Nahdah sit ins
A hand made bomb, found behind a church in 6th of October City was defused. 6th of October prosecution investigated the matter, headed by Yāssir Tillāwī, public attorney for South Giza prosecutions.


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