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Denmark, which provoked an outcry in Egypt due to the offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, permitted the appearance of a veiled Muslim presenter on its television contrary to Egypt which considers veiled presenters a diabolical thing.
A report from The European Center to Control Hostility and Discrimination asserts that Muslim’s face different kinds of discrimination in the west.
The article discusses the journalist whose cartoons abused the image of Prophet Muhammad being nominated for the most renowned journalism award in Denmark.
The founders of the Center for Arab-West Understanding are extremely glad with the February 18 ruling of the Egyptian Council of State that our center should be recognized as an NGO under Egyptian law. This ruling concludes a period of three years of struggle to obtain this status. CAWU is...
Ahmad Diyāb writes about a recent report issued by the American Council for Foreign Affairs about the conditions of Muslims living in Europe.
Usāmah ‘Abd al-Mutalib discusses the report written by Timothy M. Savage about the conditions of Muslims in Europe.
Ahmad Sabrī Amīn shows the lives of the Muslims living in Denmark and their reactions towards the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
The present clash between Europe and the Islamic World is the result of a history of events.
A cultural festival in Denmark shows Islamic culture and traditions.
The former Egyptian ambassador to Denmark refuses to blame the Danish government for its stance regarding the humiliating cartoons crisis.


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