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Ramadān Abū Ismā‘īl reveals the saddening fact that the Muslim-Christian dialogue has been doomed to fail despite all the efforts exerted.
Sa‘īd Shu‘ayb writes about secularism being the best way to protect religion.
The author talks about the relation between secularism and the religious authority.
Observers and intellectuals of Egypt are still leading wide-ranging discussions concerning the proposed constitutional amendments. While the Muslim Brotherhood seems to reject citizenship, other observers consider it the cornerstone in building democracy and political systems. Many observers still...
In 1992, Cairo witnessed the first ‘Conference on the Problems of Bias,’ which concluded the main features of a “theory of bias.” In March 2007, Cairo witnessed the secondconference on bias, ‘The International Conference for Dialogue between Civilizations and the Different Tracks of Knowledge.’ The...
A Dutch lawyer representing Muslims in the Netherlands has taken legal actions to stop making part II of the controversial movie ?Submission,” which harshly criticizes, in part I, the position of women in Muslim communities.
In an unprecedented event throughout the history of The Netherlands a far-right party will propose blocking ministerial appointments of two Muslim ministers on the ground of holding dual citizenship, in the parliament during the presentation of new Dutch government’s work program.
The Rotterdam Court decided yesterday, on recommendation of the Public Prosecutor, to extend the detention of five men and a woman who are suspected of recruiting Muslims to participate in armed Jihād operations worldwide.
A comment on what a Danish poll said about the Qur’ān being the second most wanted Christmas present in Denmark.
Hulsman responds to questions about the role of Egyptian security in our struggle to obtain NGO status.


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