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Illusive Religious Wars In his "The Mediterranean Sea" book published in Paris in 1985, the French historian Brodil likens the relationship between Islam and Christianity with the relationship between the dog and the cat: If the dog and the cat find themselves in one place, it requires the decision...
Dr. Fouad Bahgat says that after Noah cut down the trees, he left them to dry for about 40 years. This long period prevented the ship from decaying.
Interview with Prof. John Keane, director of the Center of the Study of Democracy and professor of politics at the University of Westminster, England on the subject of secularism and Islam.
Sources in Pakistan revealed the arrest of 40 of Osama Bin Laden’s helpers in a world-wide detention campaign in which Egypt participated. The sources affirmed that 32 were arrested last month, six of them were arrested in Egypt.
A press conference was held by Pope Shenouda before his departure from Lebanon after he attended the Executive Committee meeting of the Churches of the Middle East in Beirut.
Pope Shenouda III affirmed his rejection of statements made by some US and Israeli bodies on the oppression of Egyptian Copts in Egypt. "These people are not responsible for us, for we are responsible for ourselves," said Pope Shenouda. He also rejected comparisons made between the situation of...
Islamist writer Fahmy Howaidy sees many areas where Muslims are weak and suffering from bloodshed. Howeidy therefore dreams of forming a unified stand by Islamic countries.
A group of foreigners are walking in the streets of Lebanon apologizing for the mistakes of the Crusades. There are a lot of questions concerning the members of this campaign and the organizations supporting them because they have missionary aims.
A long overview of the growth of Islam in the USA.


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