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Many Copts have expressed fears that the Muslim Brotherhood’ rise to power will ultimately mould Egypt into a conservative Islamic state, where Copts will be treated as second-class citizens. Fahmī Huwaydī, on the other hand, believes these "Coptic fears” to be groundless, arguing that Copts in...
Many people believe that female circumcision is an important social and religious custom that ushers girls into womanhood.
‘Amr Khālid has had a remarkable march to fame as a dā‘iya.
In the aftermath of London bombings, several European countries have adopted tough new anti-terrorist legislation that the author argues restricts Muslims’ freedom.
Abu Abdullah Al-Turki is Abu-Hamza Al-Masri’s closest assistant; the latter is now under arrest in Bill Marsh prison, southwest London after being found guilty of nine crimes. Concerning confusion among the members after the arrest of Abu Hamza Al-Masri, Al-Turki confirms that their group is firmly...
A recent honeymoon has recently emerged between Western governments and a number of political Islam movements in the Arab world.
The recent period has seen a lot of talk about a so-called détente between Western governments and a number of political Islam movements in the Arab world, with conflicting analyses about the objectives, declared or covert, of either party.
The Sheikh of the Azhar called on the youth, who misunderstand Islam and think that extremism is something good, to reconsider their ideologies through dialogue with Muslim scholars
The British Court of Appeals refused yesterday to postpone a court hearing to withdraw the citizenship of the Egyptian fundamentalist Abu Hamza, who is responsible for the organization of “Ansar Al-Shari’a” [The supporters of Shari’a] in London.
The Arab conquerors were tolerant toward the ancient Egyptian culture that was flourishing in the Alexandria Library. Arabs were tolerant with all the cultures of their time. They were very tolerant as long as it did not contradict the teachings of Islam. That is why the claim that the Arab...


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