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An article in memorium of Metropolitan Bishop Bishoy (1942-2018)
After the spread of a video by Egyptian writer Yūsuf Zaydān claiming that the Aqsa Mosque mentioned in the Qur’ān as a destination for the Prophet Muhammad’s Isrā’ and Mi’rāj journey is not the one currently located in Palestine, a wave of Egyptian and Arab reactions has been raised.
Researcher Islām Biḥayrī described discussions about reconciliation with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood as “the crisis of all crises,” from which Egypt and the surrounding region would not recover again. In a long interview with al-Dustūr, Biḥayrī said: the Brotherhood got a proper chance to...
  The novelist Yūsuf Zaydān continued his attack on Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn, after describing him as "the most despicable figure in history" during his dialogue with journalist ʿAmr Adīb.
Bishop Bīshūy is against Max Michel, Yūsuf Zaydān and the Protestant satellite channel al-Shifā’.
In an interview with him, Yūsuf Zaydānspeaks out.
The spread of the rumors around the death of Pope Shenouda Patriarch of Alexandria and the See of St. Mark was the catalyst that activated the struggle for the position of the Holy See.
Father ‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt, Priest of the Virgin Mary Church in Musturud, comments on the case against him by Dr. Yūsuf Zaydān, the author of ‘‘Azāzīl’ novel.
An interview with Metropolitan Bīshūy, the Holy Synod Secretary General, regarding some serious issues.
The article deals with the character of Bishop Bīshūy, the second man in the Coptic Orthodox Church


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