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In brief, the first day showcased the different areas of educational and pedagogical expertise that each institutional partner would contribute throughout the summer school. 
Last November, an Egyptian court sentenced lawyer and intellectual Aḥmad ʿAbduh Māhir to five years in prison for “contempt of religion” because of his book The Nation’s Misguidance in the Jurisprudence of the Imams, which criticized religious heritage.  The court concluded that the book violated...
In his video, the Azhari shaykh Mabrūk ʿAṭiya mocked Christ saying he is not a ‘sayyid’ (venerated leader) as people refer to him. The video was a response to journalist and TV host Ibrāhīm ʿĪsā dating back to 2016 but was re-posted recently about the values in Jesus Christ’s ‘Sermon on the Mount.’
“I have an Islamic library rarely had by even a Muslim shaykh to the point that I buy modern books of tafsīr (exegesis), including those of al-Shaʿrāwī.” Pope Shinūda III, 117th Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, was famous for this response when asked a Muslim him about the claims of the...
ʿĀzir Mikhāʾīl Yūsuf ʿAṭā, nephew of Pope Cyril [Kīrillus] VI, has shared a rare collection of photos of the placing of the foundation stone of the Greater Cathedral of the Coptic Orthodox in Abbassia, Cairo.
Fr. Yūwāqīm, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Isna and Armant, has taken a pastoral visit to the Holy Land. He was accompanied on his journey to Jerusalem by several fathers and priests.
Dr. Mamdūḥ Ghurāb, Governor of Sharqia, confirmed that the Egyptian Family House [Bayt al-ʿĀʾila] aims to restore the highest of Islamic and Christian values and their common denominators to preserve the Egyptian identity.
The Islamic Research Academy in al-Azhar al-Sharif announced the launch of the “Arab Strategies to Reduce the Risks of Climate Change” conference, which will be held by the Egy-Arab Foundation for Investment, Innovation and Industrial Development in Sharm al-Shaykh in October 2022. The conference...
Pope Tawāḍrūs II inaugurates the third edition of Logos Coptic Youth Forum having as theme - this year - "Back to Roots." 200 young Christians have  participated from 35 parishes of the See of St. Mark Diocese from all over the world.
The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Eastern Minya issued a statement in which its warning citizens on the case of collecting donations for the churches of Imbāba and Minyā.


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