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Abu Dhabi: Religious leaders from the Muslim Council of Elders — an independent international body that aims to promote peace in Muslim societies — and the Anglican Church yesterday (Wednesday) called for setting up a peaceful and integrated world.
Egypt's House of Representative gave the government a 14-day ultimatum to finish drafting a new Equal Citizenship Law, Al-Ahrām Arabic website reported on Monday.
The president's media office has announced the formation of a committee to examine that cases of young people detained pending investigations, in accordance with instructions by President `Abd al-Fattāh al-Sisi at the first National Youth Conference.
Students and staff at Cairo University, Egypt’s largest public university, will no longer be asked to disclose their religion when filling out paperwork, as the university is taking steps to prevent religious discrimination.
The Egyptian Parliament [official website, in Arabic] on Monday voted to enact new legislation [press release, in Arabic] aimed at combating the growing number of human traffickers along its coast. Smugglers and their middlemen will now face prison terms or fines, and the law also penalizes anyone...
Egyptian member of parliament Marguerite `Āzer has proposed a bill calling for equal punishments for men and women in cases of adultery, a suggestion that has provoked strong reactions among her fellow MPs and political figures.
Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark Diocese met on Wednesday 17/8/2016 with new Egyptian ambassadors who will assume their posts abroad this year. This comes as part of a series of meetings organized by the Institute of Diplomatic Studies of the Foreign Ministry for new...
Between al-Qūṣiyya, Upper Egypt, and the Monastery of The Holy Virgin Mary or Dayr al-Muḥarraq, in the governorate of Asyut, lies the predominantly Christian village of al-Saraqnā. This alticle depicts a traditional Christian Upper Egyptian wedding. The village of around 10,000 inhabitants is...
Egypt's Court of Cassation [official website, in Arabic] upheld convictions and three-year prison sentences of three activists on Monday for violating the country's protest laws.
A doctor has become the first in Egypt to be convicted of female genital mutilation, seven years after the widely practiced procedure was first criminalized in the country.


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