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The Egyptian General Union of Copts slammed Friday the latest European Parliament (EP) report in which the Egyptian human rights record was criticized.
Iconic Egyptian film star Fāten Hamāma, who was dubbed the “lady of the Arabic screen,” passed away on Saturday, al-`Arabiya’s correspondent reported. She was 83.
The Salafist Call, also known as al-Da`wa Movement, continues to forbid Muslims to celebrate Christmas with christians in Egypt on either Dec. 25 or Jan. 7, describing such as a glorification of the infidels' religion. The movement also forbade Muslims from co-celebrating Easter in 2014. Meanwhile...
Egyptian women have been using a number of hashtags – among them #Idon'tFeelSafeOnTheStreet, #AntiHarassement and #ExposeHarasser – on social networking sites to speak up about the daily sexual harassement they experience. These campaigns are part of an effort to expose harassers and break the...
Egypt's Foreign Ministry slammed a European Parliament report criticizing the country's human rights record and calling for the release of 167 members of the dissolved parliament.
Egyptian human rights groups have condemned travel bans imposed on local rights activists, several of whom found out about their legal status when attempting to travel.
The U.K. Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood called on Egyptian authorities during his meeting with President `Abd al-Fattāh al-Sisi Thursday to review the case of Aljazeera journalists and to take more steps for the political reform.
Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahīm Mahlab decreed the establishment of the High Council for Cyber-Security (HCC) on Dec. 16. The HCC reports directly to the Council of Ministers, and its official goal is to develop a strategy to counter cyber threats, supervise its implementation, and keep that...
Rāmi Iskandar, a 38-year-old Evangelical Christian, spent most of his thirties going from one court to the next, looking to get a divorce.
Ahmed Harqān, an Egyptian atheist who expressed his views on television, went to a police station in Alexandria to report that he and his wife were attacked on the street for his beliefs.


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