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Efforts to protect women from systemic violence have been largely symbolic, human rights group says.
The undersigned organizations condemn the recent decisions to ban some democracy advocates from traveling, based on decisions by the investigative judge in the “foreign funding case.”
Minister of Transitional Justice Ibrahīm al-Henēdi announced Tuesday the government is negotiating with the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights to establish a regional office in Cairo.
Egypt's President `Abd al-Fattāh al-Sisi said Tuesday that those questioning his government about human rights and freedom of expression are ignoring the fact that his country of 90 million lacks development, investment and desperately needed stability.
Since the official start of the registration process on 12 January, the Ministry of Solidarity issued permits for 43 Egyptian NGOs to observe the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to Ayman ʿAbd al-Jawwād, general manager of NGOs at the ministry.
Mansheyet Nāsser is mostly a Coptic area situated on the lowest slope of the Moqattam hill. This is the residence of the Zabalīn, or slum dwellers, who cart away the rubbish of Cairo metropolis. Apart from a dozen houses inhabited by Muslims and a small “masjid” (mosque) among the dusty roads...
Thousands of mourners gathered at a mosque outside Cairo Sunday for the funeral of actor Fāten Hamāma, a pillar of Middle Eastern cinema who died a day earlier after a career that spanned seven decades and graced the golden age of Egyptian film-making.
President `Abd al-Fattāh al-Sisi said on Sunday that there are “no restrictions” on the freedom of expression in Egypt, adding that the standards Western countries promote concerning freedom of expression do not match Egypt's current situation.
Historically, relations between Sufis and Salafists have been sour, with the latter accusing the former of engaging in un-Islamic rites and rituals.
During his visit to Egypt, German Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid Christoph Strässer said that fighting terrorism should not violate human rights. He also criticized the highly controversial Protest and NGO laws, both of which have created much heated...


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