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World Arabic Language Day is celebrated every year on 18th of December because it is the day on which the UN General Assembly adopted its resolution no. 3190 in December 1973, by which it approved the inclusion of Arabic among the official and the working languages of the UN.
It was a great generosity from Arab West report, and my friend Cornelis Hulsman, the editor in chief, to introduce me to make this interview with Prof. Schleifer, who has a life-long unique intercultural engagement with an amazing experience and a very successful career. This interview was recorded...
In the mosque of Prophet Muhammad (al- Masjid al- Nabawī) in al- Madīnah al- Munawarah, the first simultaneous translation of a Friday sermon to English and Urdu was held.
Egypt's National Center for Translation and Publishing is to held a symposium on “The relations between Europe and Islam: Differing Visions”, coming Thursday.
Volkhard Windfuhr was born in 1937 in Essen, Germany and migrated to Egypt with his mother in 1955. As a German correspondent in Egypt, Volkhard Windfuhr is naturally involved in Arab-West relations. Besides journalistic reporting he has co-authored a book concerning 9/11, arguing for what he...
The aim of this study is to show how modern Arabic literature and poetry could help in the effort to understand modern Arab society and its problems. 
Prominent academic translator Noureddine Zouitni gave a lecture at the Goethe Institute in Cairo and a workshop at CIDT. This is a report on the lecture and the workshop.
Understanding the other is about finding similarities and differences, not about compromising our own views, states Father Samīr Khalīl. He also believes that the ENAWU project could be expanded in both its scope and influence and comments on the role of the media in promoting dialogue and unbiased...
The author discusses the importance of language, particularly as it relates to the mis-communication that can often happen when languages are being translated due to cultural differences that may not necessarily hold true across cultures and languages.
Translation throughout the Arab world is discussed, in particular the difficultly in marketing and distributing translated works.


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