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Veteran journalist Muʾnis al-Zuhayrī took to social media to express his anger, writing, “You have insulted the idea, the value, the content, and Jamāl ͑Abd al-Nāṣir, who established the radio station in 1964. Stop the ads in the Holy Qurʾān Broadcast.” He was referring to the state of the Holy...
The Cairo Appeals Prosecution continues its investigation into a complaint filed by the National Media Authority accusing stand-up comedian Muḥammad Ashraf of “mocking the state-owned Holy Quran [al-Qurʾān al-Karīm] radio station.”
Recently there have been calls for al-Azhar mosque to broadcast the Friday sermon [khutba] without an audience on Egyptian TV, satellite channels, and radio in response to the continued suspension of prayers at mosques just like the “distance learning” measures being done by the state for schools...
The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights organized a conference entitled "Participation of Women and Youth in Local Councils: a Shift towards Real Democracy."
 Radio Española reported that Jihadists in the Sinai Peninsula are threatening to kill Christians, destroy their homes and expel them from the Sinai. In response, Coptic social organizations are calling for President Sīsī to confront these threats and to increase security at churches. Addressing...
On February 12, Arab countries adopted a charter which puts limits on Arab satellite channels and prohibits offending political and religious figures. Qatar has rejected the document and Lebanon has expressed its reservations. The article outlines the repercussions of the incident.
German radio contacted AWR for a radio interview about the Holy Family tradition at the Holy Virgin Church in Maadi. Two Egyptian legal experts have drafted a proposed law to regulate conversions.
The writer tackles the idea of reforming religious sermons, whether Islamic or Christian, through Dr. Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāh’s book entitled, ‘The Religious Speech in the Egyptian Mass Media in the Ninety’s.’
Coptic Orthodox Mass prayers of Christmas will be broadcast on both Al-Shabab Wa Al-Riyada (Youth and Sports) radio channel and local radio in Egypt as well as on a Sydney, Australia radio station.
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