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The article discusses emigrant Copts, whether British or American, and their allegations that Copts in Egypt are suffering from oppression under the Egyptian government.
The campaign launched by the Chairman of Copts United ‘Adlī Abādīr to remove the second article of the Constitution would have passed unnoticed if Bishop Marqus, the Coptic Church official spokesman who revealed that he supported amending the article, had not made a statement on the matter.
Sawt al-‘Ummah printed an interview with the chairman of the British Coptic Association while answering an invitation by al- Jazīrah TV channel. He explains Coptic activities abroad, and stresses the Coptic intention to establish an “International Coptic Council,” similar to that of the Jews.
The minority that had organized the two marches in front of the United Nations building in Washington got negative results. The moderate majority expressed their rage and rejected these marches and dealing with a fanatical Zionist organization. Among the actions taken to express this rage is the...
A list of the twenty-one Christians killed in the recent riots in Al-Kosheh sent out by the Coptic Association of the UK. The list is reproduced here unedited by the RNSAW.
The Sunday Telegraph has continued its suspicious campaigns against Egypt claiming Copts are persecuted. It published another article written by Christian Lamb. She claimed in her first article that more than 1200 Copts were arrested, tortured with electric shock and crucified.
The Egyptian government has launched an international publicity offensive in the wake of disclosures in The Telegraph last month about a brutal police crackdown on Christians in southern Egypt. Actions include paying for full-page newspaper advertisements in cash and a lobbying campaign on the...
The Copts of Britain express their agreement and willingness to participate in the meeting of the wise.
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