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A bill concerning ‘urfī marriages that was proposed by the female Member of Parliament Ibtisām Habīb was opposed by another MP because she is a Christian.
Al-Wafd published an interview with Shaykh Khālid Al-Jindī. The interview shed light on many aspects of his life.
Zaynab Radwan, the deputy speaker of the parliament and a professor of Sharī‘ah recentlysubmitted a number of proposals to Parliament. Amongst other things, the proposals called for Bahā’īs’ rights to obtain formal documents and stated that Christian wives of Muslim men should be able to have a...
The author writes that Egypt has agreed to criminalize polygamy that was underlined in the final recommendations of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly that was recently held in Athens, Greece.
Dr. Zaynab Radwān, the deputy speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly created heated debates in Egypt when she stated that a woman’s testimony in court is equal to that of man and that the non-Muslim wife of a Muslim husband should enjoy the same rights to inherit from her husband. The...
The Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent comments about the application of Sharī‘ah in Britain have created a massive wave of responses. Here one author who is a Muslim women discusses how Sharī‘ah still governs women and children in family law.
The conservative cleric Yūsuf al-Badrī has requested that the Islamic Dā‘iyah Su‘ād Sālih publicly repent over three fatwás concerning her stances toward artists, as well as her rejection of divorce via SMS.
Max Michel stresses the legitimacy of his church, and the Coptic Orthodox Church stresses its rejection. Pope Shenouda is ready to meet Max Michel when the latter expresses his regression and removes his patriarchal garments and title.
The problems resulting from Muslim- Christian marriages do not end even after a divorce.
After her first baby, Muná Mahmūd, an Egyptian Muslim, discovered that her husband was Christian and that he had been deceiving her the whole time by pretending to be a Muslim.


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