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A man married an ugly rich woman to overcome his poverty and decided later to get rid of her by converting to Islam.
The author reviews different marriage cases between Muslims and Christians.
The review deals with a fatwa by Muftī of the Republic Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘a on the right of a non-Muslim mother to retain custody of her children in the case of her husband’s conversion to Islam in light of a lawsuit filed by a Christian convert to Islam who claimed the right to custody of his...
The Coptic Orthodox Church refuses to allow divorced Copts to be remarried, unless adultery has been proven.
Rose al-Yousuf publishes the full text of the appeal made by Pope Shenouda III against a court ruling obliging him to grant permission to divorced Copts to remarry.
A discussion of the pope’s arguments concerning divorce in the Coptic Orthodox Church, and the ways in which Christian personal status issues have been handled in the past.
Seventy thousand Christian women issued divorce lawsuits, but the church refuses to admit them, the author claims. As a result, many Christians turn to civil marriage or live with a sense of guilt.
In an interview with October magazine, the general director of the Religious Guidance Department at the Ministry of Awqāf [Endowments], Dr. Sālim ‘Abd al-Jalīl speaks out on Islam’s position on religious freedom.
A Christian man has stated that he would even convert to Islam in order to get his wife, who has converted to Islam, and daughter back.
A married Christian man is accused of converting to Islam, with his cousin, in order to take her as a second wife.


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