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In his interview with al-Sharq al-Awsat, Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī reveals the reasons why he is forbidden from entering the U.K., expressed his opinion about the unremitting Western offenses against Islam and called on Muslim countries to react to the offenses.
Akmal al-Dīn Ughlū has stated that some radical intellectuals in certain European countries believe that it is only through insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad that they can demonstrate their commitment to freedom of expression.
Drs. Hulsman discusses his trip to Mallawi, and his concerns regarding the effect that misinformation is having on grassroots Muslim-Christian relations.
The article discusses the potential origins of the conflict surrounding the monastery of Abu Fana.
In the article, Nabīl ‘Umar shows a number of pictures taken from the offensive film Fitna, urging Muslims of the world to behave rationally in order to give a good impression of their religion.
The author praises the rational reaction of Muslims to the recent provocative film ’Fitna,’ saying that they seem to have learned from previous attacks on Islam.
The Egyptian press relentlessly covers the national and international reactions to Geert Widers’ film ’Fitna’. A young man in Saudi Arabia has made a movie to respond to ’Fitna’. He used shots that showed British solders filming Iraqis being tortured and simultaneously displayed Biblical texts that...
The article reports on a request made by a Danish member of parliament to prevent Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī from entering EU countries because he has been calling for the boycott of European countries.
The author hails Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī as a leading moderate Muslim scholar. He supports his argument by listing the shaykh’s stances on different issues.
The Egyptian press reported on the international reactions to the controversial Dutch movie Fitna.


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