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In an exclusive meeting with Ṣawt al-Ummah, Nāhid Mitwallī, a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity 17 years ago, speaks about the details of her conversion, her doctrinal and faithful background and the new issues in her case.
The article reviews a book entitled, ‘Chrétiens et Musulmans, Frères Devant Dieu,’ [Christians and Muslims, Brothers before God] authored by the Catholic Jesuit Father Christian van Nispen.
Fadel Soliman refutes Geert Wilder’s suppositions presented in his film ’Fitna.’ The following article provides Soliman’s critique on the manipulation employed by Wilder in his film.
Islamic communities in The Netherlands have expressed anger over the statements of the head of the Party for Freedom [PVV] Geert Wilders, who called for the ban of the Qur’ān in The Netherlands.
Text presented to the Dutch delegation consisting of representatives of Dutch churches and Muslim organizations at the Egyptian Press Syndicate.
An article presenting clarification on a number of Qur’ānic verses referenced by Geert Wilders in his film ’Fitna.’
The following presents a response from a number of Dutch organizations regarding Geert Wilders’ film ’Fitna,’ stressing their rejection thereof and the fact that this film represents the mindset of only a minimal percentage of the Dutch population.
The following presents a petition filed by the Center for Arab-West Understanding condemning Geert Wilders’ provocative statements in his film ’Fitna.’
The article reports on activities of the recent visit of a high-level Dutch delegation from Christian and Islamic institutions to Egypt. The delegation declared that they aimed at underlining the official and the public refusal of the anti-Islam film ’Fitna’ produced by a Dutch political leader.
The following article presents a brief overview of the visit of a Dutch delegation to Egypt.


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