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British police staff receives training at an Islamic school while 14 people are arrested for terrorist recruitment and training.
Bāsimah William writes about the celebrations of the feast of the Virgin Mary at Dayr al-Azrā’ in Jabal Assiut, which does not attract only Christians, but also Muslims and people from all over the world.
In this article the author deals with the growing role of Islamic courts in Somalia, having stolen the limelight from the warlords and managed to impose control over the capital Mogadishu and then over nearly all of the country.
The author argues that terrorism is a complicated phenomena which is difficult to eradicate since its motives and causes still exist.
The paper examines the history of Christian Zionism, an active movement that strenuously supports Israel, and which is particularly strong in the U.S.
The article deals with the shift in US policy from their rejection of dialogue with Islamists to their welcoming them in power, as a way to guarantee that American interests in the area remain intact.
Ayman al-Bishbīshī continues in the nineteenth episode of his series of articles about “The Future of Theocracy in Egypt”.
The author compares the poor conditions in which journalists work in Arab countries.
A group of 14 al- Qā‘ida suspects have been handed down prison sentences, ranging from one and a half to seven years, on charges of planning attacks against U.S. targets in Yemen.
A fatwa allows couples to get married and waives the husband’s responsibility to shoulder household expenses.


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