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The paper aims at presenting the religious education at the German School in Cairo (DEO) as one of the very few examples of schools offering interreligious education in Egypt.  In order to give the cooperative religious education at DEO a fair examination,
Nour Saad is Egyptian, a former student at the DEO, studies political science and sociology in Germany, and interned between March 1 and April 2, 2020, with the Center for Arab-West Understanding where she wrote a report about the cooperative religious education at the German Evangelical...
On Monday (September 4), Dr. Sāmī Fawzī, Archbishop of the Province of Alexandria for the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt, inaugurated the languages department at the Minūfīya Episcopal School.
A professor of Islamic studies at the German University of Münster, Dr. ʿĀṣim Ḥifnī, said that the renewal of religious discourse is the issue of the hour, and has been for perhaps every hour, since Islam was revealed to this day.
The first scholarly forum on Imām al-Shāfʿī and his school of thought was held at the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies for Girls at al-Azhar University in Banī Sūwayf, according to the faculty dean, Dr. Ḥanān ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz.
Egyptian President ͑Abd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī has made reforming educational and religious discourse a top priority since he was elected and officially assumed office in July 2014. This was in response to concerns about terrorism and the rise to power of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group.
The National Center for Translation under Dr. Karma Sāmī announced the bestseller books for the month of June 2023, of which the first was Thomas Merton’s ‘An Introduction on Christian Mysticism’, translated by Karam ͑Abbās.
The Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo held a session today to elect a new president. Dr. Ḥasan al-Shāf ͑ī was elected for a third four-year term.
A member of Al-Azhar’s Council of Senior Scholars and the Muslim Council of Elders, Dr. Ḥasan al-Shāf ͑ī, was awarded the King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam for the year 2022, shared with the former president of Tanzania.        
On Saturday, Pope Tawāḍrūs II of the Coptic Orthodox Church met with members of the Société d'Archéologie Copte (SAC) and several specialists who obtained Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Coptic studies at Egyptian universities during the past two years.


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